Photocopier Hire Bristol

Why should you consider photocopier hire? When the Bristol area was first permanently settled in Roman times, technology for making copies of documents was simple: a scribe would compose the document using a stylus on a wax tablet. When the final draft had been approved, the document would be written on a paper or papyrus scroll using such ink materials as were available. Depending on how many copies of the document were required, this process could take anything from hours to several weeks! And then if the document was a personal letter, they all had to be signed...

The most important documents, or those for public attention, would be engraved in stone by a skilled artisan. In these cases, copies took even longer to produce, and in the Roman empire a whole industry sprang up employing all available literate men in copying the plethora of documents which criss-crossed the vast empire. The copyists of Bristol would have loved to be able to hire a photocopier in those days.

Business has come a long way since then. These days, all such mundane copying work is handled by machines, leaving educated workers free to pursue more creative occupations. With the advent of the computer and email technology, most personal documents never take physical form at all; they exist only as electrical impulses in a network - created, sent, read, and filed away digitally, never to be seen again. Where does Bristol photocopier hire fit in?

Many documents still need to be produced as hard copies, often en masse. Documents for notice boards, for duplicate filing, and for public circulation are often produced by photocopying machines. Documents bearing signatures, images or diagrams can be easily reproduced using a photocopier. That’s where photocopier hire of Bristol comes in.

For many small companies, it is simply not cost effective to purchase a full suite of office machines, each of which may only be used a handful of times in a business year. For larger companies, one particular job may require the purchase of a photocopier, but the cost of that purchase may render that job unprofitable. But if you can hire a photocopier right here in Bristol, with full support and for as long as you need it, the unprofitable becomes profitable again.

Just like the ancient scribes who provided a copying service to the business world of their day, Image Business Machines are committed to first class service and customer satisfaction. Our photocopier hire service in Bristol is aimed at anyone, from the individual to large corporations, who occasionally need to produce large numbers of hard copies of documents, but don’t want the expense and inconvenience of buying, maintaining and storing a machine of their own. It’s no good keeping a copier in the cupboard for months only to find when you need it it’s broken down or run out of toner! Let Image Business Machines photocopier hire service of Bristol take the sting out of business machine ownership for you.