Reconditioned Photocopiers Bristol

Why might Bristol businesses need reconditioned photocopiers? Take a moment to read and find out...

Thirty years ago, the offices we work in were very different places. Broad, boldly coloured ties were all the rage, full colour computer screens were still something of a novelty, and a new photocopier would take pride of place between the coffee machine and the fire exit. But in these days of electronic automation, five in one desktop business machines and ubiquitous email, do we still need these paper chewing monsters? Well, as a matter of fact, we do.

Have you ever had to print a hundred copies of a document? Or five hundred? Such a task may come up rarely, but when it does, you may as well click print and go for your lunch, because you’re in for a long wait. Except you can’t go for your lunch, because there’ll be a paper jam, or a glitch in the print queue, and you’ll get a handful of copies and an error message asking you to start over. Maybe our Bristol reconditioned photocopiers service is starting to look attractive now!

You see, modern desktop machines simply aren’t designed for heavy print runs. Printing is a very different process to photocopying, and takes much longer. If you multiply that time delay by the number of copies you are trying to produce... well, it looks like you might be working late again tonight. Image Business Machines of Bristol operate a reconditioned photocopiers sales service that could take the sting out of the process for you.

If your business uses standardised forms for stock taking, goods inward / outward, quality control, or any other process, you’ll appreciate the advantages of a photocopier. The process is simpler than printing, and cheaper too. What’s more, you wont be tying up a valuable resource – the office printer – for the duration of the job. Reconditioned photocopiers are available in Bristol, call today and we’ll match you to your ideal machine.

Another reason to use photocopiers is for signed documents. Scanning and printing a document is a very involved process, which takes time and during which something might go wrong. Use one of our reconditioned photocopiers in your Bristol office, and enjoy the simplicity of producing a duplicate of a signature, image or diagram at the touch of a button.

Due to desktop printers and the increased use of email, your office may not require the use of a photocopier every day. Buying a new machine may seem like an extravagance. Image Business Machines of Bristol can sell you reconditioned photocopiers for a fraction of the price of a new machine, with a full support package included. Modern photocopiers, such as our Utax range, can act as printers and scanners when required. They offer full colour, double sided copying, and can collate multi page documents. And since our Bristol based service can sell you fully reconditioned photocopiers at a fraction of the price of new ones, there’s never been a better time.