Photocopiers Bristol

Before printing technology was developed in the fifteenth century, making copies of a document was a long and laborious process. Every copy had to be written out by hand. This made books rare and expensive items. To make matters worse, widespread illiteracy meant that finding a scribe with the skills to reproduce your text could be a task in itself. Even in the world famous maritime city of Bristol, no one could imagine how much easier photocopiers would make such tasks.

Printing by moveable type revolutionised book production. Now many identical copies of a page could be produced from a single type set. But shorter documents continued to be hand written. It was not until the invention of photocopiers that Bristol businesses could benefit from quick and easy document duplication.

The process of producing a photocopy of an image is a simple one: the original image is placed face down on a glass plate, and a bright light is passed over it from below the plate. The light reflects off the image, creating a reversed image on a cylindrical drum. This drum then rolls over the blank paper loading it with a static charge, causing toner to stick to the page creating a duplicate image. The image only has to be loaded onto the drum once, and the drum can spin around several times a second. Therefore, once an image is loaded, many copies per second can be produced. Just make sure the machine doesn’t run out of paper of toner. Most photocopiers are simple to use, but if you aren’t familiar with the maintenance procedures for such a machine, Image Business Machines of Bristol offer a full support service to all their customers.

There was a time when even the most advanced photocopiers in Bristol offices had only one function: you placed your original on the top screen, and came away with a grainy, black and white approximation on one side of a piece of paper. Modern photocopiers are an entirely different proposition. All singing, all dancing machines, such as the Utax range stocked by Image Business Machines of Bristol, can take the place of scanners and printers too. The copies produced are of excellent quality and in full colour, and double sided copies are simple to produce. Copying a multi page document? No problem! Many of these machines can collate the pages ready for stapling or binding. Photocopiers are revolutionising Bristol offices!

New technology is constantly changing the way we do business, and you can rest assured Image Business Machines are keeping a close eye on the latest developments. What will be the next innovation to make our working lives easier? Only time will tell. But it’s certain that Utax machines will remain at the forefront of developments, and that Image Business Machines will be the place to go for photocopiers in Bristol. Our great deals and full support service make us the logical choice, no matter what the application. Check out our website today.